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  • Lost The Rankings Overnight?

    Since, you are here, you know how painful to see your site Dying?

    We understand your situation and we have created a Free step by step guide to gain Organic Rankings via simple easy to follow instructions.

  • Watch Your Backlinks

    Yes. You need to collect all of your backlinks from all the sources possible.

    Find all the links seen by search engines. Collect them and remove duplicates.

  • Analyse your Backlinks

    We should know the Good Backlink and Poor Backlinks.

    Each backlink can be defined into Good or Poor category based on various criteria like : Link Type, Link Location, Relevancy, Index, Age etc etc.

  • Clean Poor Backlinks

    Based on 16 complex rules, filter out Poor Backlinks.

    Place an action to delete such backlink which fall any of the 16 rules explained in Ebook.

  • Find the owner of link/Domain

    Find out the emails of website owners using various methods.

    Several methods are explained to find the contacts of different domains using our experience and you will be surprized to see what else we can use to find out webmasters contact other than who is.

  • Send e-mail to domain owner.

    The tedious process of communicating with domain owner is explained in simple steps.

    How to work closely with webmasters in order to get maximum success rates is explained in simplified manner in our E-book.

  • Follow-up on emails

    Not all the emails are answered or delivered.

    Most of the emails are not answered or delivered. How to keep our focus in right direction and get the maximum link removed with easy to use tricks.

  • Too Much for you ?

    Is it difficult for you to do it your own ?

    If you can not do it on your own and want to hire quality service for your poor backlinks removal with affordable pricing feel free to discuss your requirements with us using our contact form.


And we will help you to clean up what is not needed in Modern ERA of Search Engines Rankings.

If you think why you need to remove backlinks which are actually not good for your site health and SERP, refer to my e-book ( Link Detection and Removal Made Easy) which is free and DIY self-explanatory and if you can do it your own, you are most welcome..Let's Understand

Working with 1SEO1

We employ efficient staff who is well trained in link detection and link removal process and you can understand it pretty well, if you read my e-book as stated above or you have tried it yourself.

We divide our working process in following steps :

  • 1 to 1 consulting with clients because each and every site has a different history unlike predefined link removal package.

  • Link detection and Preparation of report with explanation of each bad link.

  • Link removal list preparation and set-up a campaign based on each client requirements.

  • Launch campaign with reminders on schedule time and clean your bad backlinks.

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reporting to client.

  • Free Google Disavow file creation.

Note : We can also help you to balance your link diversity if needed.

Advantages with 1SEO1 Team

  • 100% Manual Work. Refer my e-book for detailed explanations.

  • We provide free consultation and based on client requirements we make a custom quote based on requirements i.e. Link Detection only or Link Removal or Combined Package.

  • Experienced staff who worked process like Guest Posting and Social Media Optimization Process with advanced link building process have gained tremendous exposure in link removal processes in last 2 years.

  • No garbage or Hidden processes. Everything is transparent..

  • Low cost affair working with 1SEO1. The cost of buying all the tools and time spend on big and time consuming processes ends up higher specially when you are doing it first time than hiring our professional link removal services.

  • Some of the links can not be deleted because webmasters are sleeping for ages and you get mail delivery failure. In such cases, we prepare Disavow file which other companies are charging as Add-On.

  • Interactive Support System once your campaign is set-up.

  • Live chat support from 9 AM to 9 PM EST.

  • Help with future link building process.

  • Free website audit for future.

  • Tips on link building and social media optimization if you subscribe our newsletter.

Backlink Detection

It involves following steps:

Backlink Collections from various tools.

We manually collect all of your backlinks from Google Webmaster Tool, Majestic SEO, Ahref, Open Site Explorer and SEO SPY Glass and then we remove all the duplicate backlinks. Once, unique of backlinks are idenfied we check if link is Missing or nofollow. We keep such backlinks in a different sheet and focus on dofollow links unless client wants to remove bad nofollow backlinks as well. Since, Google advice to make the backlink no-follow in order to not to do PR manipulation, We do not do it unless client has a specific requirement.

Download self-written ebook if you want to try it out yourself.

Backlink Analysis using complex algorithmic processes & logical rules

It involves lot of complex logics and lot of work to evaluate the quality of backlinks. Following types of backlinks are harmful now a days :

Similarly following types of link locations are not good :

There are following criteria to Judge the value of backlinks :

Backlink Removal

This is the tedious job in order to contacting webmasters. It involves:

  • Finding the emails of webmasters using who is.

  • If not found searching them out using website contact us etc.

  • Even if not, check the possibility of blog network and reverse engineering using Adword/Adsense / Reverse IP Lookup.

  • Once, the list preparation is done, sending out the emails to web masters and regular follow-ups.

  • Once, campaign gets completed, preparation of Google Disavow file.

How it Works?

Once, you contact us we understand your requirements and your website address by which we prepare a custom plan according to your needs. You can contact us for following packages :

  • Collection of Unique Backlinks

  • Collection of Good and Poor Backlinks

  • Preparation of website owner list for each domain

  • Email Campaign set-up and follow-up with webmasters.

  • Preparation of Disavow file.

  • Combined package of all as mentioned above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As per Google, the links which are manipulating Page Rank and Search Engine Ranking algorithm should be removed in order to treat a website Natural.

So, the sites which are participating in link schemes or have very poor authority should not be linking to your website. Also, you may need to balance your link diversity and hence you may want to remove some of the links.

Google has sent out more than 1200K warnings to webmasters who have pretty bad or unnatural backlinks.

You need to look at your link profile and detect the bad backlinks which are impacting you. For the same purpose we have written an e-book which is absolutely free if you want to do it yourself.

In case, you find it too much for you, you can always contact our consultants for the same via contact us form available on the top.

Unlike other companies, we have very transparent process which enables our customer to know what exactly we are doing. We do not have pre-defined packages, though, you can make a custom request for all or any of the packages mentioned below:
  • Collection of Unique Backlinks
  • Collection of Good and Poor Backlinks
  • Preparation of website owner list for each domain
  • Email Campaign set-up and follow-up with webmasters
  • Preparation of Disavow file.
  • Combined package of all as mentioned above.
  • Pricing depends on number of backlinks to be identified and to be removed because it needs great amount of passion and time and hence charges are applied but we charge lesser than what other companies are charging at the moment.
NO. It is not so simple. There are few webmasters which are not reachable at all and there are few which needs money. It depends on our joint effort to wake them up and get your site cleaned as much as possible. The success ratio is more than 73% and the links which are left, we can show our efforts to Google with all the follow-ups we tried and no answer received with web-masters.
Yes, we will refund you within 48 hours of your order and no question will be asked.
No, whatever quote will be given to you is one time and no monthly fee involved.
No, it is not that way. Before going to Google Disavow tool, Google would like to see your efforts to get the links removed manually and if you will not do it, the chances are you are not going to get your penalty removed. Reason is : The tool is under Beta stage and they cannot work Application to Application basis because some spammers and other people can put their competitors name into the list and enjoy their ranking loss. They might be noticing how many times a website is notified within disavow tool and based on the specific number target and othercomplex formula, they would be removing the impact of the backlink going to other websites.

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